Information on Books in the XPERTS Collection

Here is a summary of the books in the XPERTS Collection currently or soon available. The series is growing rapidly. All books, where no author is mentioned I have written myself. For the others I have written a 'script' and edited the resulting book. If you have any questions, suggestions, or are interested in becoming one of the authors of a book in the XPERTS Collection, contact me at If you want to find out more about me than you ever cared to read, consult I will answer all emails (nothing worse than being ignored) except if I am really down.

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Note that although there is a thread through the books (some persons appear in each book) the novels are completely self-contained and can be read independently of each other in any order. I have arranged the book in more or less chronological order (according to when they take place), so this might be an obvious order to read them. But, feel free to start with anyone that tickles you!

"Xperts: The Telekinetic" This is the first novel in the collection. The student of physics, Marcus, discovers that he has telekinetic and time-warping powers, and uses them to seduce girls, to make money, and to help people. He is also very much aware how dangerous this 'parability' can be for him. He is eventually captured by a para-militrary group of the European Union with dubious motives, and manages to escape only with the help of his girl friend Maria, who will be his big love for life. They flee to New Zealand to start a new existence. Marcus and Maria (and other persons) are the thread that holds the Xperts Series together….
(Available in German)

"Xperts: The Paradoppelganger"
This is another novel involving Marcus and Maria. Their daughter Lena discovers a strange para-gifted person. In the process of trying to make him join the group the reader visits Brazil and Europe, and is drawn into historic mysteries, extending back in history even to the Egyptian pyramids. This novel also gives a glance at what future PCs and the Net might look like… a tribute to the fact that the Editor (and author of this book) is a computer science professor. However, don't get pissed off: this is a novel not a scientific book!
(Available in German, available in English from Austria)

"Xperts: The Paracommunicator" (by Jennifer Lennon)
A young woman with partial Maori heritage Aroha finds half of an ancient device in the hills near Auckland, New Zealand. Its function and the function of the "black balls" cannot be fully understood, yet it is clear that on dangerous mission in Africa (Namibia) neither Aroha nor her friend Herbert with the other half of the device could survive without the help of the strange tools, and of the group of Marcus…
(Available in German)

"Xperts: The Parashield" (by Sam Osborne)
The West-Australian Ryan finds out, as he grows up, that he can shield himself and other persons nearby, by creating through mental powers an impenetrable shield of energy. If not for his girlfriend Hannah who has some awesome 'parabilities' his enemies would eliminate him before the team of Marcus can intervene. This novel is written with a South-Western Australian background and the suspense and complexity increases as it developes.
(Available in German)

"Xperts: E-Smog" (by Ann Backhaus)
While on a consultancy project in Indonesia, Dr. Amanda 'Mandi' Webber, an Australian researcher, discovers an illegal production facility for e-Helpers. A patent breach, however, is only the start of her discoveries... Mandi uncovers data that shows the hazardous, even deadly, impact of electromagnetic radiation (e-smog). With the help of Marcus Waller's group of parapersons, Mandi plans to go public with the findings. A powerful, multinational consortium of corporations, however, has other plans, which includes keeping the findings away from the public at all costs.
(Available in German)

"Xperts: Mindwave" (by Jenny Shearer)
Will a new concept of artificial intelligence solve the world's biggest problems?
Hugh and Jessica fight to preserve Professor Leitner's vision, in the process creating a fusion of artificial intelligence technology, the Internet, and worldwide participation: Mindwave. In this ultra realistic scenario Mindwave shows us the future, but the book's sweeping view also details the strategies of powerful enemies. Is the shared will to give the world environmental stability, peace, and quality of life for everyone enough? In this story the emergence of new global politics is accompanied by risk-taking on many levels…and action full of suspense from one side of the world to the other.
(Available in German)

"Xperts: The Parawarriors"
We are in the year 2019. A nuclear war between Pakistan and India seems to be unavoidable. Marcus and his team tries to avoid the worst, at horrific costs. All efforts seem to be in vain. Yet, after interludes in India, Bali and La Reunion some form of normality returns, only to be disturbed (or helped?) by super-computers from an ancient civilization millions of years ago, and a strange intelligent animal "The They" that remains a mystery for a long time.
(Available in German)

"Xperts: The Paranet"
In 2080 the then existing network of computers breaks down completely, throwing the world into total chaos. This novel shows how dependent we are going to be on computers and computer networks, and how civilization will virtually cease to exist if such a total breakdown ever happens at a stage when mankind is 'Sufficiently networked'. Billions of people are about to die, is there any hope for them. Yes, by mounting a terrorist attack in the past!
(Available in German, available in English from Austria)

"Xperts: Fighting Big Brother"
Big brother with cameras, flying cameras, intelligent databanks and total security is catching up on us. This is a chilling novel, with a bright line of hope shown on the horizon, if we just decide to act NOW.

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