Author's Preface to "Xperts: e-Smog"

When I began to research for this book, I became intrigued with the topic of electromagnetic radiation poisoning, or e-smog as it is called in this book. That intrigue remains with me today. I cannot look at a computer or a microwave or a TV without wondering how much e-smog is radiating....
Sources of information on e-smog are plentiful. During the writing of this book, I talked with individuals about the topic and gathered interesting anecdotes. While anecdotes can provide valuable fodder for a story, I also wanted research. In addition to the references that appear in the text, there are numerous additional articles from equally reputable sources that support the premise that e-smog has a dangerous impact on health and well-being. Likewise there are reputable sources that dispute these claims.
What does it mean - the contradiction in research? It means that the verdict is still out. It means that e-smog cannot be waved off as a figment of our imaginations, as many modern day maladies are. And it means that if e-smog poses a health risk to society, it might well be in the interest of large corporations with their bottom lines at stake to lobby, dismiss, cover up....
BIG thanks to Edna Backhaus, Martyn Cox, Beth DeSchryver, and Peter Ptschelinzew for their thorough reviews, their insightful comments and their enthusiastic participation in idea bouncing - at all times of the day and night. Special thanks to Hermann Muarer for the opportunity to participate in the Xperts cooperative writing project, an exciting, international endeavor.

Editor's Preface to "Xperts: e-Smog"

This is one of the novels in the XPERTS Collection, a collection of novels I am coordinating. Some of them I write myself, but others, like this one are written by others. This one is written by a very good friend of mine now living on Borneo, Ann Backhaus. Like all books in the series this one also follows an outline agreed upon the authors and me, thus making sure that the books fit into a general 'master plan'. I am reading and editing each of the books as they progress.
Each novel is completely self-contained, yet there is some coherence due to a set of persons that appear in each of the novels at some stage, usually playing a pivotal role.
The books in the collection are an unusual mixture of adventure, human emotions, supernatural power ('parabilities'), science fiction with glimpses into the future, and this interwoven with often detailed descriptions of interesting places from all over the world, be it USA, Canada, the Arctic, Europe, Brazil, Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, India, Bali, La Reunion, Borneo ... you name it!
Some of the books have been written originally in English, others in German, but they are generally available in at least those two languages.
I want to cordially thank my friends for continuing support, the Austrian publisher Freya and the US Publisher Booklocker for excellent cooperation, and my US friend and agent Dr. Andrew Burt for his endless patience.
Send me some feedback, positive or negative, to, will you!


Enjoy the book!

Hermann Maurer,
Editor of the XPERTS Collection
Graz / Austria, March 2005