Electromagnetic pollution!
Ann Backhaus

While on a consultancy project in Indonesia, Dr. Amanda 'Mandi' Webber, an Australian researcher, discovers an illegal production facility for fancy futuristic wrist-watch size computers. A patent breach, however, is only the start of her discoveries…. Mandi also uncovers data that shows the hazardous impact of electromagnetic radiation (e-pollution or e-smog). Along with the help of persons with psychic talents, Marcus’s group of para-persons that is also at the core of other Xperts books, Mandi plans to go public with the findings. A powerful, multinational consortium of corporations, however, has other plans, which includes keeping the findings away from the public at all costs. This book will scare the reader: the borderline between truth and suspicion about the danger of magnetic fields and of radiation coming from seemingly harmless devices such as TVs or cell phones is indeed not clear: much of the book might just be true. Decide yourself!

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US: e-Smog - 240 Pages
ISBN 1-59113-685-7 Out of print
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